Nexletol vs Lopid

Nexletol vs Lopid

What to choose Nexletol or Lopid

Lopid and Nexletol are pills both of Not A Statin type. Lopid and Nexletol are both brand pills. Lopid is manufactured by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, while Nexletol is manufactured by Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. The main substance of Lopid is Gemfibrozil. The available dosage for Lopid is 300mg. The available dosage for Nexletol is 180mg.

The current cost for Lopid is around €198 for 60 pills while current price for Nexletol is approximately €332 for 30 pills, said Damon King, a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis and a Patient Representative at a clinic that uses Lopid and Nexletol.

Nexletol and Lopid Comparison

Lopid vs Nexletol
Nexletol Lopid
Type: Not A Statin Not A Statin
Manufacturer: Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. Pfizer
Substance: Gemfibrozil
Dosage: 180mg 300mg
Average Price: €332 for 30 pills €198 for 60 pills